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The Power of Design in Corporate Presentation PDF Print E-mail
In today's world, a good presentation of your company is vital for its success. In order to present your company in the best light, you must start from the basics, the corporate identity design. The corporate identity includes a corporate logo design, a letterhead design, an envelope design, and business cards design. We can help you by designing your corporate identity so you don't have to outsource different things from different suppliers. We are your one-stop design shop.

Why Choose Us?

Our client's satisfaction comes first, and that is why we try to give our clients the best service we possibly can. The following is a list of services that is included with every single corporate identity design request. We don't withhold anything, no matter how small or big the project or the client is.

 - Unique, custom, professional design of your corporate identity.

 - There is no big or small project or big or small clients, we accept all projects and all clients.

 - The logo, letterhead, envelope, and business cards design will be done in Adobe software, the industry's standards for    graphic design.

 - Logo will be designed in either vector format, or in large print size raster format that will be suitable for printing with very slight or no modifications at all.

 - You get FREE logo resizing or saving in different graphic format of your logo for life. If you ever need your logo resized, or you need your logo saved in a different graphic format (which is supported by Adobe software), we will do it for free, no questions asked. This also includes web optimization of your logo, or preparation of the logo in a certain graphic format to be used for print. However, this offer does not include any alterations to your logo that would alter the final design of the logo that you've agreed to.

 - The letterhead, envelope, and business cards will be print-ready, and will be delivered in any format that is suitable for your printer and that is supported by Adobe software (usually EPS).

 - You get unlimited minor revisions and three major revisions to all the work that we do for you. Unlike other companies, we are committed to fully satisfy our clients.

- We archive all the work we do for our clients. If you need to tweak the logo, the letterhead, the envelope, or the business cards at some point in the future for any reason, we can always go back to the raw files and tweak whatever has to be tweaked for less money then you would spend if we were to do a new corporate identity design all over again.

 This a small sample of our clients, we designed for them a full identity, including logo, business card, envelope, letter heads, etc. Contact us now so you can have an indentity for your company!

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