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"Let's face it - there are hundreds of other web design agencies who all claim to build high quality, innovative websites. So why should someone commissioning a website choose LebVision? What makes LebVision any different?"

LebVision's Managing Director, Antoine Nehme, talks about what makes LebVision different from other  agencies.

Experience and Expertise

"The short answer is: experience and expertise. LebVision is a specialist web, media design and IT Solutions agency and always has been. We're not new to this field, and we're not a company with roots in another sector doing the odd site here and there. For the last four years we've done nothing but build high quality websites for our clients. We're experts at what we do and, frankly, all our clients benefit from that.

"When we started LebVision back in January 2003 it wasn't because we want to make a quick buck in the internet boom - if we'd wanted to do that we've have joined a well-funded dot-com with an inflatable board room. We'd have made hay whilst the sun shone, and then repented at our leisure when the inevitable happened.

"Instead, we started LebVision because we saw that there were many 'ordinary' businesses out there that could be making real use of the net but weren't. Sometimes that was because they didn't know where to start, or that they were put off by the high costs of big agencies, or because they'd already been ripped off by agencies that didn't know what they were doing. But the result was people that, one way or another, weren't getting as much benefit from the web as they should.

The LebVision Team

"At the heart of LebVision is a team of professionals that are committed to developing great websites. But more importantly, they are committed to understanding you and your business - what you do, how you work, what you want to achieve, what your priorities are. That way we can build a site that makes a real contribution to your business, whether you're a lawyer, a charity, an engineer, whatever.

"Of course, every web designer worth their salt says something like that. So how can you be sure that we mean it, that we really are different?

"The best way is to talk to us, and find out what we could do for you. We're always happy to talk to people about their project, their site, their business and then come up with a proposal for how to help.

"And if, after talking to us, you don't think that LebVision's the right agency for you, then fair enough - it's not like we hold a grudge if you don't like what we've got to say!"

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