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As the online embodiment of your organisation's brand and values, a strong creative design in keeping with your site's message and audience is vital.

Our creative design services ensure your site embodies your brand and values, creating a strong first impression which is reinforced through an elegant and intuitive user-interface. As a specialist web agency our design approach encompasses both traditional aesthetic and conceptual design work and the specialist web disciplines of usability and user-interface design.

 An online brand is created through the combination of a site's visual appearance and the wider "user experience" - how pleasant it is to use, how easy to find your way around. Design is used to enhance, not hinder, your site's message and its effectiveness at reaching your target audience.

At the design phase of each project we discuss your brand values and market positioning with you in detail, to establish the most appropriate direction for the site's visual design. We can adapt existing materials for the web, ensuring a consistent branding experience across all your promotional activity, or we can work with you to develop a completely new visual style for your site, reflecting your message, values and target audience.



With both technical and design expertise in-house we create properly joined-up web and Internet solutions. Back-end systems which are robust and reliable. Front-end interfaces which are attractive, usable and properly integrated with your design and brand.

  • Content Management Systems
  • E-commerce
  • Dynamic and database-driven content
  • Search systems
  • Login and membership systems
  • "Member only" content and features
  • Response and application forms
  • Personalisation
  • Questionnaires and surveys
  • Database integration
  • Bespoke development

Our designers and developers work closely together. Having technical expertise in-house means technical planning is part of our site development process from the outset.


Effective planning is crucial where technical development is concerned. Late changes to technical systems can be costly. Without an inherent understanding of what can be achieved, mistakes are inevitable.

Our in-depth technical understanding and experience means our planning is always practical. We know what can be achieved with the resources, budget and timescales available.

You need to be confident that the system we build will meet your requirements. We are adept at presenting technical concepts in plain English. Whatever your level of technical understanding we make sure you understand how the system you are commissioning will work.


  • PHP
  • ASP
  • ActionScript (Flash)
  • Perl/CGI
  • Java
  • Unix/Linux
  • WinNT/2000
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle

We have extensive experience of developing interactive features and web applications. We undertake full bespoke development projects, creating unique applications from simple forms and calculators to sophisticated interactive applications.

We have also developed modular frameworks for many standard site features, such as content management systems, site-wide search, and registration and login procedures. These can be customised to your precise requirements at a fraction of the cost of building such systems from scratch.

We also adapt and enhance existing systems and implement third-party solutions where appropriate, providing full technical and design customisation.



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