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A content management system, or CMS, puts you in control. Easy-to-use, requiring no special software or training, our content management systems make maintaining even large and complex websites manageable.

Our content management systems are all based on our core, modular framework. This means they are highly customisable and easily extendible. You can use them to manage a single page or an entire website, seamlessly integrating with the design, technical features and existing backend systems.

Lebvision's Content Management System (CMS)

Our CMS Framework provides a platform for developing dynamic, content-driven, easily manageable websites. Based on open-source software it is both flexible and cost-effective, removing the need for specialist hosting arrangements or ongoing licensing fees common with existing products. The framework is highly flexible in comparison to other CMS products and is easy to extend or customise to particular clients requirements.

Lebvision's content management system (CMS) enables us to rapidly implement flexible site management solutions. The standard underlying code-base enables us to deliver a custom solution more quickly and cost-effectively than would be possible if we were developing such a system entirely from scratch, while retaining the advantages of a bespoke development which can be closely matched to your needs.

The underlying toolkit is designed to enable the development of a content management solution with a number of key features:

Seamless Integration

The appearance and functionality of your site need never be compromised. Whether you are using the system to manage a few pages or your entire site, no changes to the design, content, or usability of your site should be necessary to accommodate our CMS.

Flexible Presentation

One of the beauties of a CMS-driven site is that the same information can appear in different places and in different formats within your site. Entire articles or just selected excerpts can be displayed, with flexible rules determining when and where they appear and how they're presented - for example the date and headline of any news articles in the last week, or the 7 most recent pages added to your site.

Range of Content Formats

So that your site can provide the information that you want, how you want to present it, our CMS handles a wide range of document and content formats. These include plain and formatted text; file uploads, including images, PDFs, Word documents and multimedia files; numerical data, including time, date and currency; email and web links.

Easy-to-use Site Management

Unlike other content management systems we place a premium on ease of use and a clean, elegant user interface which typically requires little if any training to use. The content for your site is managed through a secure, easy to use web-based administration area, allowing you to add and update it whenever you wish. Advanced options, including editing rights and content approval procedures, allow the system to adapt to the way that you want to work, and not the other way around.

In-browser 'WYSIWYG' text editor

Featuring toolbars similar to those found in any word processor, our editor allows you to easily control the way your pages appear. Options include:

  • bold and italics
  • pre-defined heading and paragraph styles
  • bulleted and numbered lists
  • tables and images
  • web and email links
  • copy and paste direct from a word processor whilst keeping formatting intact

Adaptable & Extendable

The modular format means that you only pay for those features which are relevant to your needs, while having the peace of mind of knowing that the system can be easily extended in future to offer more advanced functionality, should you require it.

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