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Using first choice materials the new S.I formula emerged as a new powerful harmless insecticide. Due to its combined chemical formula creates hypersensitivity (allergy) attacking the air tubes of all insects both crawling and flying, paralysis and kills them rapidly by simple contact.

For these reason, S.I is untoxic, without side effects, has neither smell nor trace on spraying areas, tooeffective and acts where others failed.

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Based mainly on the recommendations made by the twelfth and sixteenth reports of the world health organization (W.H.O.) expert committee on insecticides.

S.I. contains the following ingredients:

1- METHIXYCHLOR: Quick action on crawling insects.
2- FENCHLOPHOS: Prolonged action on crawling insects.
3- MALATHION: Residual action on crawling insects.
4- PYRETHRUM: Quick action (10-15 minutes) on flying insects.
5- CARABARYL: Prolonged action on crawling and flying insects.

Above ingredients, in small doses, are combined in such a way to give a potential synergy of action so as to make from S.I. a sure, safe, and potent insecticide.

S.I. exterminates radically in one application the following insects:

CRAWLING ISECTS: Cockroaches, Ants, Bugs, Moths, Wood-borers, Scorpions, Silverfish, Firebrats, Ground Beetles, Earwigs, Spiders, Woodlice, Centipedes, Millipedes and Brown Dogs ticks.

FLYING INSECTS : Mosquitoes, Flies, Carpet pests, Bed bugs, Fleas, Wasps and wild bees.

EXCEPTIONS: Snakes, Tarantula, Lizards.
N.B.: S.I. is untoxic for domestic animals such as cats, dogs, hens, pigeons,etc…(expect for aquarium fishes).

S.I.: May be applied in whole tranquility in: Homes, Boutiques, Warehouses, Depots, Offices, Banks, Factories, Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels, Bakeries, Ships, Aircrafts and Others.

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